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How to Produce Inkjet Photo Paper

There are hundreds of brands of ink jet printing paper on the market , it seems like that products are multifarious. although the publicity of photo paper manufacturer is dazzling, but the production mode and process determines the fundamental difference between paper properties.
In general, inkjet photo paper only can be divided into three types: ordinary high glossy photo paper (referred to high glossy), RC (referred to microporous waterproof photo paper) and cast coated paper.

Before talking about inkjet photo paper, firstly we should introduce two kinds of substrate preparation of paper: base paper and RC base paper. In the generation of black and white photos, wholesale photo paper are mostly constituted by base paper + photosensitive coating base paper. The differences between base paper and ordinary paper is that base paper is all made in natural wood pulp fiber in order to ensure the smooth paper and strong. Short fiber comes from wood pulp paper and is completely nature but the cost is very high.

But the base paper is not waterproof, in order to solve this problem, when it comes to the color photo, mostly composed of RC + color photographic paper base coating. RC is the abbreviation of Resin Coated, which means the resin coating or resin film, is a layer of resin film on both sides of paper. Thus photo paper factory solve the problem of waterproof and stiffness of the base paper. Currently, the laminating resin was mainly PE (polyethylene), usually the paper that produced with RC paper base called RC photographic paper.

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