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How to choose photo paper?

According to the different coating method and coating material, the paper can be divided in this way.

·Swellable paper: it is made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as the main film forming material, and the swelling coating is coated on the base paper. It is called Swellable Paper.

Its surface is made of gelatin and polyvinyl alcohol polymer ink absorbing layer. When printing ink on the surface of polymer, the polymer absorb water and appear a variety of colors, and color reduction effect of photo paper factory is also very good. But because the polymer expansion speed is limited, the drying speed is very slow. Especially in the new type of six color piezoelectric printers, there are serious defects in the printing image, and the clarity is not satisfactory. Its water resistance is poor, although the adhesive modifier can improve the water resistance, the ink absorption performance is reduced, that is, the ink absorption and the water resistance are conflicting.

Generally speaking, its production cost is relatively low, but its ink absorption performance is poor, and its drying speed is slow, and it can not be waterproof. After printing, film processing is needed. So the later process is various and the cost is higher. The effect is far less than the traditional photo, which belongs to the secondary product. At present, the domestic photo paper company have very little difference in technical level, and most of the products belong to this type.

·Cast coated waterproof paper: cast coated waterproof paper, namely Cast Coating photo paper, is coated with micron sized silicon dioxide. After special treatment, brightness and whiteness can reach the level of traditional paper. It is the main product of the domestic photo paper manufacturer. It has waterproof coating, but the base paper is the raw paper, as same as the swellable paper, so the overall waterproof performance is poor. The paper will be a certain degree of deformation after printing high saturation images. At the same time, the coating smoothness can not meet the requirements of ultra precision printing. But for ordinary photo printing, it is a good choice.

·RC paper: its base paper is same with the traditional photographic paper, coated with waterproof PE RESIN COATING on the both sides of base paper. The coating using nano silica materials (particle diameter below 150 nm), formate very tiny organic-inorganic composite particles (Inorganic-organic hybrid fine particle). After the ink sprayed up, microporous soon be similar honeycomb (Micro-porous) absorption. The name of the contact type paper also comes from it.

Because of its special pore structure, the coating absorbs ink well. It also can performance well for printing deep tone image.

The fast drying function makes it can be directly touched after coming out from printers. The coating material is very fine with high brightness, match the high precision of the wholesale photo paper printing. At the same time, the waterproof performance is also good, the photos are accidentally splashed with water, dry fast and can keep the original.

In summary, it has the advantages of high waterproof, high ink absorption, and dry fast.

RC paper is the developing trend of inkjet printing media, the printed image quality can compete with the traditional silver halide photographic paper. With the development of domestic RC paper manufacturing technology, now the products can already compete with Japan and Germany, has become a mainstream premium Digital Printing. Of course, the price is relatively expensive,so you can purchase according to the degree of economic situation and the precious degree of their own decisions.

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