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Distinctive Characteristics of High Glossy Paper

1.The supporting body of high gloss inkjet printing paper is RC (coated paper) paper base, which is suitable for image output with bright color and photographic effect. It has high resolution, which is generally above 720dpi. The printed image is clear, bright and glossy, and has good light fastness and color fastness. In general, it is used for high grade inkjet printer.

2. The support body of the matte inkjet printing paper is RC paper base. It has medium gloss and high resolution. It is suitable for the image output of the photographic effect. The color is bright and full and has good light resistance. Most of photo paper manufacturer recommend this type to print photos.

3. Special special ink-jet printing paper support is RC paper base, containing fluorescent agent and magnetic material. It has the security function of anti-counterfeit, anti duplication and so on. It has anti ultraviolet and light resistance. It is suitable for picture output and special production with photographic effect.

4. PVC ink jet printing paper support is a composite of plastic film and photo paper with good mechanical strength, high output picture quality, good ink absorption, good indoor light resistance and suitable for picture output.

5. high gloss ink-jet printing paper is produced with a thick base by photo paper factory, there are photos of the same high gloss, whiteness of paper, with good ink absorption. It is especially suitable for making photo and image output and advertising display version. The output image is rich in layers and full of color.
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