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Five tips for choosing high glossy photo paper

1.High light area
The white spots and highlights of the scene should be neutral minimum density points. The original details of these scenes should also be restored and displayed on the photos, with the lowest discernible details. On the one hand, it is influenced by the balance of color and contrast and the size of density, on the other hand, it is influenced by the gray level of the photo paper and film, the pollution of the liquid, the condition of the processing of the materials and photographic products before and after processing, the fixing and the stability of the processing.

2.Shadow area
The dark area or large density area should be neutral and unbiased. The corresponding level details of the original scene should be at a density lower than the maximum density. In addition to the influence of the overall density, color and contrast of the photographs, the preservation of the materials and photographs before and after processing of photo paper factory, the contamination of the liquid, the inappropriate bleaching and the fixing are all affected by the performance of the shadow area.

3.Color saturation

The color concentration of foot, feel fresh, transparent, not muddy, not depressed, is saturated. According to reason of photo paper manufacturer, if the original scenery's color has been restored accurately, the picture will not be stuffy. Color saturation is most affected by film exposure. Incorrect development, bleaching and fixing, and the contamination of the liquid will reduce the color saturation of the photo.

Colorful scenes create colorful natural world, leaving an immortal impression in human vision. Good photo paper company need to properly reproduce the color of scenery. In the rich color, the color of some scenery, such as blue sky, green tree, human skin color, the deepest memory, very small deviation can be identified, feeling is not natural. Some people call these colors "memory color". The quality of photo color is the first to look at the color of memory for wholesale photo paper. A picture should also pay attention to the balance of color, the most sensitive place where the neutral gray is in the high light and the medium and small density is the most sensitive place of the color balance. These parts are neutral gray and unbiased, indicating that the color balance of the photos is good. Great influence balance adjustment and developing a photo color reduction will affect the light source, the photographic enlarger.

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