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Premium Wholesale Photo Paper

A good paper will not appear the faded phenomenon at the crack. But the inferior paper has a faded appearance, it indicates a low cost in coating. This kind of coating also has serious damage to the printer.
Look at the whiteness of paper. There are two kinds of whiteness in the paper's whiteness. One is the original white (a little red tone in sight), the other is the fluorescent white (a little blue tone in sight). Foreign experts research shows that blue light has a great harm to human eyes, and the added fluorescent powder also has the carcinogenic effect. So all the domestic export photo paper manufacturer use import paper or premium coating materials. Thus the white paper looks like red. And the inferior paper presents the fluorescent white which seems like blue.
As for the base paper of the photo paper, the premium photo paper often use import paper or the original coated paper as base paper. This kind of paper has good tightness, good permeability, waterproof, and very flexible. The inferior photo paper company has just used low cost white card as the base paper. The paper feels thick, blue, soft and flexible.
Different method: look at the back of the paper. If the paper looks like blue, it is white card, and the redness indicates that it is the original paper. In addition, the paper is rubbed with the hand for several times. If there is a crack, it is a white card. If there is no obvious crack and no appearance of powder, it is original paper. The coating of photo paper factory is often very thin and difficult to achieve the bright effect of color reduction.
Drop little water to the surface of the paper to test the waterproof performance. After a few minutes, observe whether there is water exudation in front of the paper. Take out the wholesale photo paper and observe whether the cutting edge is tidy.

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