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What Type of Paper Finish Do You Want?

RC paper means that the paper is coated with double coated photo paper. The gloss of paper is the gloss of the resin itself. The paper has a microporous structure so that the drying speed is very fast after the ink absorption. The phase paper is made by the high brightness chromium plated hot cylinder. The paper also has microporous structure so that the ink absorption is as fast as the RC paper. The gloss of the paper is mainly transferred from the casting cylinder to the cylinder's brightness, temperature and pressure.
The two products are compared as follows:
Bottom material: two All kinds of products can be selected and coated with wholesale photo paper. So only from the base material, if the high light paper is cast and the paper base paper is selected as base material, the high light paper can also be called RC high light paper.
Luster: the gloss of the high gloss paper is mainly transferred from the cast cylinder to the cylinder. Temperature, pressure, and other factors directly affect the gloss of the product.RC high gloss photo paper without the cast cylinder so the luster mainly comes from the resin itself, not affected by other external factors.
1.Printing drying speed: both basically the same.
2.Color reduction degree: the two are basically the same.
3.Coating process: RC high light paper is a multi section extrusion coating. The machine is made of wet wet coating from three to four times, but the speed is faster, but the technology is more complicated at present. There are no enterprises in the world at present. There are only the United States in the world. Three or four large Japanese enterprises (Cox, MITSUBISHI, Kodak) have this technology. Slow but relatively simple technology.
4. The use of two products: two products can better reproduce the real color of the picture, non professionals are difficult to distinguish from the product apparent, so the use value of the ordinary consumers is basically the same, and it may be for the professional company. Some differences (such as photo studio). Theoretically, all two products can be applied to all inkjet models. Ink (dyes and pigments) can achieve high gloss wholesale photo paper waterproofing effect.

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