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gs, from discount optical stores to surgical o

NAIROBI Cheap John Hayden Shirt , July 21 (Xinhua) -- Confederation of African Football (CAF) have slapped a one-year suspension to Kenya's head coach Adel Amrouche for his indiscipline behavior against a match official.

The move has triggered an excitement among local coaches preying on the position as the country is involved in the 2015 Africa Nations Cup qualification campaign.

In a letter to Football Kenya Federation (FKF), the continental soccer governing body Secretary General Hicham El Amrani said the move to suspend Amrouche was reached after finding him guilty of spitting at a match official.

Amrouche is accused of spitting at the fourth official during Kenya's match against Comoros last month in Comoros, an offence that saw him get sent off. CAF will however not fine the Belgian coach.

""The suspension is effective from the first day of the notification namely July 20 Cheap Ryan Hartman Shirt , 2014,"" said El Amrani in the letter to FKF.

Amrouche is still away in Maseru where Kenya had travelled to compete against Lesotho in the Africa Nations Cup qualifier match. Kenya lost the match 1-0 and will hold the southern Africa side in Nairobi in a fortnight.

The coach had earlier been slapped with a two-match suspension pending the submission of the matter to the CAF Disciplinary Board.

The board chaired by Raymond Hack from South Africa had its sitting last Thursday at CAF headquarters in Cairo where the decision was passed to ban the Kenyan coach for a year.

In its ruling, the board found Amrouche guilty of breaching article 129 (c) of its rules which provides for a 12 match ban to anyone spitting at a match official.

The letter further states that the decision will be forwarded to the world governing body FIFA Cheap Brandon Saad Shirt , which may extend the sanction internationally. This might lock Amrouche out of any coaching job for the duration of his suspension.

""The decision can be contested before CAF appeal board. The party intending to appeal shall announce this intention in writing within three days of notification of the decision,"" said the letter from CAF.

However, FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya said he is not aware of the suspension.

""It is true we had appealed against the two match suspension slapped on Amrouche because we felt it was unfair. We are still waiting for an answer from CAF on the matter Cheap Artem Anisimov Shirt ,"" said Nyamweya.

Amrouche was hired last year in February, taking over from Henri Michel from France, who quit after seven months in office.


Eye care experts recommend having an eye care exam every two to three years Cheap Richard Panik Shirt , depending on the age, risk factor and physical condition.

As per some experts about 5-10% of pre schoolers and 25% of school aged children have vision problems. According to Canadian Association of Optometrists, every kid should have their eyes examined at the age of 6 months and at age 3 and at start of school. Children without vision problems should continue to have their eyes examined at least two years throughout the school.

Children with existing vision problems and risk factors should have their eyes examined more frequently. Common risk factors to vision problems include:

Premature birth.

Developmental delays.

Turned or crossed eyes.

Family history of eye disease.

History or eye injury.

Other physical illness and disease.

As per the instructions of eye doctors of CAO Cheap Alex DeBrincat Shirt , children who wear contact lenses or glasses should have their eyes examined once in a year.

The CAO also recommends annual eye exams for the adults who wear eye glasses or contacts. If you don’t normally need vision correction, you still need an eye exam every two to three years up to age of forty depending on the rate of visual change and overall health. Individuals suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders are recommended frequent examinations because many diseases can have an impact on vision and eye health.

If you are over 40 Cheap Brent Seabrook Shirt , its recommended to have eyes examined every one to two year to diagnose for any common age related eye problems like cataracts, presbyopia and macular degeneration.

Because with the advancing age, risk of eye disease continues to grow Cheap Artemi Panarin Shirt , everyone over 60s should be examined annually.

Who to see for my <"http:www.myvisioncare.ca">Mississauga Eye Exam?

There are two kinds of eye doctors – ophthalmologists and optometrists. Who you should see depends o your needs and preferences. Ophthalmologists are doctors who specialize in eye care. These are licensed to perform eye surgery and treat medical conditions of the eye. They generally undergo eight or more years of training after college.

Optometrists are eye doctors who can prescribe glasses and contacts and treat medical conditions of the eyes with eye drops and other medicines. They generally receive four or more years of training after college.

How much does an eye exam cost?

Eye exams in Mississauga are available in different settings, from discount optical stores to surgical offices, so the fee can vary widely. Besides fees can vary depending on whether the exam is performed by optometrist or ophthalmologist; the type of services that are included in the exam.

Generally Cheap Corey Crawford Shirt , contact lens exam cost more than regular eye exam. Apart from that, higher fees can be charged for some specialized services like laser vision correction evaluations.

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